As the summer heat wave begins, it’s a good time to consider your business’s HVAC system and its maintenance.

Well-maintained HVAC equipment can reduce energy loss and save your business money on operating costs. It also helps keep your business safe and pleasant:

  • The correct temperature provides a comfortable experience for guests and employees.
  • Air ventilation can help keep bad odors at bay.
  • Working thermostats and AC units help control humidity—preventing mold and bacteria growth, reducing damage to paint and varnishes and keeping people healthy.

Read on for tips to maintain your HVAC year round.

HVAC maintenance

An HVAC is more than just a furnace and AC unit. It includes several pieces, including:

  • Air conditioning units for cooling the air
  • A furnace for heat
  • Ductwork
  • Ventilators for air circulation
  • Makeup air units for replacing air exhausted by kitchen hoods
  • Thermostats for controlling your space’s temperature

Due to the complexity and importance of your business’s HVAC system, it is important to complete regular maintenance:

  • Change filters regularly. Change your filters every three months, as a clogged filter can lead to more wear and tear on your unit.
  • Clean air conditioner coils. Schedule regular coil cleanings with professionals to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Clean area around outdoor unit. Remove any build-up of leaves and pollen regularly. Keep all vegetation trimmed away from the unit.
  • Have ducts cleaned. When dust and dirt accumulates on the duct walls, airflow from your HVAC unit can be severely restricted.
  • Schedule maintenance checkups at least twice per year. Often spring and fall are the best time to schedule checkups, but older units may require more frequent maintenance checks.

Prolonging your HVAC system

With the right maintenance and simple modifications, you can extend the life of your business’s HVAC system.

  • Install ENERGY STAR-certified ceiling and ventilation fans. ENERGY-STAR certified products meet strict energy efficiency, quality and performance criteria. By saving energy with these products, you’re also putting less stress on your HVAC system.
  • Use smart thermostats. Smart thermostats can help regulate your business’s temperature and reduce HVAC operation during non-business hours.
  • Apply heat-reflecting film. Cut AC costs by installing clear, heat-reflecting film to any business windows that get heavy sunlight throughout the day.
  • Use the right size of HVAC system. When you replace your current system, talk with a professional to ensure you have the right size for your business. A system that is too big or too small will experience more wear and tear than the correctly-sized system.
  • Keep your vents open. Closing vents in rooms that you don’t use makes your HVAC system work harder than it should, and an overworked system is more susceptible to damage. Also avoid blocking vents with furniture.

Protecting your business

With the proper HVAC maintenance and simple HVAC modifications, you can prolong the life of your business’s HVAC system and keep your employees and guests comfortable year round.

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